Why People Are Still Searching for Bigfoot

If you ask any Bigfoot expert, they will tell you that one of the most common questions is, “Why are you still searching for Bigfoot when there is no proof it exists?”. 

The answers they give certainly vary, but it is something along the lines of what I’ll discuss with you today. 

First, there IS proof out there that Bigfoot exists. Almost every Sasquatch expert has had an experience of their own, whether it is hearing Bigfoot calls or even as far as full-fledged Bigfoot sightings. However, the latter is undoubtedly far rarer. 

They hold this “proof” that keeps them going, knowing that if they try hard enough, they’ll eventually come through and find what they need to show the world that Bigfoot exists. 

Sadly, however, some of the “evidence” out there is difficult to distinguish from the real thing, but I will cover this later. 

Many people belittle those out searching because they believe that Bigfoot doesn’t exist, mainly because they haven’t researched enough to understand the quantity and validity of the evidence. 

If you are one of these people, consider changing your whole belief system. You need to remember that plenty of known species exist today that, not too long ago, were thought to either be extinct or even non-existent! Why, you ask? It’s because there was no tangible “proof.” The giant squid is a perfect example! However, people who knew better never gave up their search, which certainly paid off. Now we know the giant squid exists. It may not be as big as we thought, but there’s irrefutable evidence that they do exist in the oceans. 

Remember, this planet is enormous, and just because you cannot see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Sasquatch hunters cling to this belief, and for good reason if you do the research and experience the thrill and ways of the mysteriously elusive creature. There have been so many sightings and audible sounds recorded over the years, many of which have withstood the scrutinization of multidisciplinary experts, that there is an excellent chance that we will soon find proof. 

One of the biggest problems that Sasquatch hunters are finding now is that many people are trying to create hoaxes, often to generate a bit of money, fame or just for the sheer twisted humor of it. It made the whole industry seem nothing more than a joke, which is a great shame. However, as I mentioned before, those out there hunting regularly know that he exists, and no Bigfoot hoax video will stand in their way of finding out the truth.

Next time you consider why people are out there searching for Bigfoot, why not stop to ask yourself, what if this thing does exist? If that last Bigfoot video you watched is actually real. Or that sound that echoes through the woods is them communicating with one another. Join the minority that’s bold and wise enough to challenge existing beliefs in pursuit of truth. Remember, just because you cannot see something doesn’t mean it can’t exist, right?