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Survivorman Bigfoot Series

he gold standard by which all other Bigfoot documentaries and TV series are measured, Les Stroud’s Survivorman Bigfoot represents Stroud’s yearlong foray into the world of cryptid exploration. With healthy skepticism and an open mind, Stroud places himself in remote and unforgiving areas as well as not-so-dangerous areas to experience what certain witnesses maintain is possible. Unconvinced by elaborate and fanciful, well told stories, Stroud does what he always has as a documentary film maker – seeks to get to the authentic bottom of the story.

Chasing Bigfoot: The Quest for Truth Series

For decades, grainy photographs and campfire stories told the story of a towering creature that lived in solitude in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and around the world. But where some see a myth, others see a chance to make history. CHASING BIGFOOT – THE QUEST FOR TRUTH, is a series that looks at the Bigfoot legend through the eyes of the true believers, who devote their lives to discovering the hidden truth and bringing home the evidence to prove it.