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Bigfoot Image & Video in WA


A peculiar photo circulating online appears to a bipedal figure lurking in a Washington state forest and some suspect that the perceived creature could be Sasquatch. The intriguing picture (seen in the video above) was reportedly captured “about a year and a half ago,” but only came to light this month when an individual named Ron shared it with the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. According to him, the photo was snapped by a friend who spotted the creature across the Hoh River during a fishing trip on the Washington peninsula.

The fairly clear photograph features a dark figure that is seemingly looking towards the camera, although it is difficult to discern its facial features. Alas, Ron did not provide any additional details about the sighting, though he claim to have heard mysterious tree knocks as well an eerie ‘talking’ sound, which he likened to “gibberish,” during his own visits to the area. Some have suggested the oddity in the picture could be Sasquatch, perhaps of the juvenile variety. However, more skeptical observers argue that the photo is either a well-crafted hoax or simply a trick of light and shadow. What do you think of the odd image? Share your thoughts with us at the C2C Facebook page.