Sasquatch The Legend

Sasquatch The Legend was founded in 2021 by owners Ken & Laurie Hamilton, who were inspired to open a Sasquatch-themed retail business after having a strange encounter while on vacation in the Duck River Mountain area of Alabama. (To read more about this encounter, click here.)

Over a short time, Sasquatch The Legend has rapidly grown to become a leading Sasquatch specialty retailer with both a strong online presence and a brick-and-mortar store located in Forks, Washington, on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula., the web-based arm of the company, showcases stories and articles about many members of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch community through a monthly newsletter and frequently updated blog (the News & Views area of the site) and occasional Sasquatch-themed podcasts, as well as providing opportunities for authors, artisans and craftspeople to present their merchandise to the public via the Sasquatch The Legend site.

On the storefront side, one of the goals for the Sasquatch The Legend retail store is to provide a clean, happy, family-friendly environment for visitors and an ideal place for people to come forward and feel comfortable enough to discuss their stories. The charming, small town of Forks, Washington has a rich logging history which has brought with it some remarkable tales of local Sasquatch encounters, making it a wonderful place to host the first Sasquatch The Legend store.

Inside the Forks retail store is a tremendous selection of all things Sasquatch, including a 10-foot-tall replica statue created by Tobe Johnson, based on many different eyewitness descriptions, as well as a broad and impressive library of informational literature. The owners have also been working with local artists and members of First Nations and Native American tribes to showcase their art and highlight the many Sasquatch stories they have been generous enough to share.

Many of the products offered by Sasquatch The Legend are made in America, such as T-shirts which are screen printed by hand by employees in Alabama, and acrylic items produced through another business owned by the Hamiltons, Source One Displays.

Sasquatch The Legend also produces Forks Sasquatch Days, a conference held each May in Forks, Washington, with guest speakers, vendors, and informative and entertaining presentations. In addition, Sasquatch The Legend representatives travel to many events and conferences around the country to support members of the community and offer books, T-shirts, gifts and other merchandise.

Owners Ken and Laurie Hamilton look forward to meeting others who have experienced Sasquatch and to providing the community with a wide array of information, connections and networking opportunities.

If you would like to share a story or connect with Sasquatch The Legend, the owners would love to hear from you.