James Villepigue

Author of Bigfoot Doesn’t Believe In You Either!

Creator of Squatchit, the world’s first Bigfoot call

Contributor to Bigfoot Blimp Project

International Best-Selling Author


I’ve always been the “Believer” outcast among friends and family. I believe it gives people hope to search for possibilities. This life can be so mundane and routine, so it’s nice to break away into the magic of something else.

This brand of books, apparel and more honors belief and turns others’ disbelief into a fun, memorable and adorable new Bigfoot brand that’s sure to be a conversation starter.


Reawaken the childlike wonder, shocking scares, and laugh till you cry fun of SquatchIt! 

Years ago, a friend & colleague and I designed the world’s first Bigfoot call, called SquatchIt! People had so much fun with it that we’re gauging interest in bringing it back to make sure it’s worth the production costs.

Learn more about the device that made a big splash among the Bigfoot community and show your support to confirm Squatchit is worth us investing in again!