Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society is an all volunteer research and investigation organization. The group was founded in 1998 by Steve Anderson and Henry Benton. From 1998 until 2016, PBS was looked at as the premier research organization in the state of Pennsylvania. In 2016, looking to re-energize, the PBS merged with the Keystone Bigfoot Project, led by PBS Member Sean Forker.  In 2020, the Keystone Bigfoot Project returned to its roots as a research project, not a formal investigative agency. 

In Mid 2020, discussions began to take place was former members of the PBS to relaunch the organization to fill need of a research group. It was then decided to reform and reorganize the organization. With a new leadership council and steady guidance, the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society is ready to investigate this Keystone State Phenomenon. 

Membership consists of individuals with diverse skill sets, experiences and occupations. Our current membership consists of current and ex-law enforcement, military, scientists, private investigators, paramedics, first responders, hunters, fishermen, hikers, and outdoors people.