Before Biggie went out to play, Mom said, “Now remember, don’t be afraid to explore. Go find what’s out there, my little bigfoot.”


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Why the Passion for Bigfoot?

My dad got me into Bigfoot when he made up a crazy story about some character named “Indian Joe” who lived in a place called “Anthony’s Nose,” a mountainous cave in the great Northwest.

He scared the snot out of me with his stories, but they were both shocking and engaging.

We would watch a show with Leonard Nemoy called “In Search Of,” and the main show in that series was all about Sasquatch. I also grew up watching Six Million Dollar Man, and there were episodes of him versus Sasquatch that kept me glued to the television.

Later on in childhood, I often had nightmares of a Bigfoot clan living outside my bedroom window, and the Dad Bigfoot would try to lure me outside to kill me!

Bigfoot has been a major part of my life since I was a young child, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more curious about the possibility that Sasquatch is real, and that’s magical! Imagine there is a humungous bipedal creature lurking in the deep woods.

The thought just lights me up, and I hope that others can imagine the magic in the big man.

My dad meant the world to me, and I miss him very much. He’s the main reason that I love Bigfoot so much!

Young Biggie Bigfoot waved goodbye and ran through the woods. He was excited to be off on his own. Before today, Mom was always holding Biggie’s hand. She was scared ever since dad disappeared a few years ago. She always had a watchful eye on her little big boy. But today, Biggie felt like a grownup bigfoot. The entire forest was his!

He's out there . . .


Biggie smiled and took a deep breath of fresh air as he imagined his dad running alongside him. This brought joy to Biggie’s heart. Biggie missed his dad. He was the biggest of the Bigfoot clan and was very protective of Biggie and his mom. They always had the best times together!

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The woods were alive, and Biggie was glad to be a part of it. But then he heard a loud CRACK. He jumped behind a tree and peered out slowly.

“What are these things?” asked Biggie. One of them had a long stick and raised it. And then there was another BOOM. Biggie fell backward.


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