North American Bigfoot Center, OR (Museum)

The Gift Store, Information Center, and Museum Exhibit Halls


Our facilities feature a gift store and free information center, as well as an admission area featuring dozens of exhibits.  The Gift Store sells hundreds of bigfoot/crypto-themed items including books, clothing, footprint casts, stickers, housewares, toys and more.  Our Information Center showcases free exhibits, artifacts and art for your enjoyment and learning.  The Exhibit Halls are an admission area.  Dozens of displays feature a wide array of bigfoot evidence and historical artifacts.  Our life-sized sasquatch replica (nicknamed “Murphy”) acts as a centerpiece of the exhibit hall and is a popular backdrop for family photos.  We feature short documentaries and films in our small theater, as well as on the displays themselves.  The NABC is staffed with experienced field researchers ready to answer any questions you may have about the subject, the animals we study, or our facility.