Famous Bigfoot Sightings

Over the years, there have been many Bigfoot Sightings around North America. Most of them are, of course, located in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, but a few other sightings are scattered around the country. Some have been proven hoaxes, whether through careful analysis of a Bigfoot video or just admission from the viewer. However, some are entirely unexplained to this day. I want to share some of the most famous Sasquatch sightings in this article. Let’s jump in, shall we?

One of the most famous encounters with Sasquatch was by Albert Ostman, a Canadian Prospector. This encounter took place in 1924. What is strange about this encounter, however, is that Albert didn’t just see Bigfoot but was abducted by them for six days straight. Many people dismissed him as a madman, but until his death, Albert insisted this happened. He even went so far as to sign under oath to say it happened.

Another encounter with Sasquatch occurred in 1924, albeit less famous than the latter. This Sasquatch encounter involved a group of miners. Late at night, they claimed to hear Bigfoot calls echo outside. On going out to investigate, they saw a bunch of what appeared to be ‘apes’ throwing rocks at their cabin. They ran off quickly. Not without killing at least one of them, of course. This is one of the Sasquatch Sightings that remains a mystery. Rumors have been spread concerning a place known as “Ape Canyon” in Washington, claiming this is nothing more than a local legend. But nothing has yet explained the mysterious large footprints in the area.

Perhaps the most famous of Sasquatch Sightings took place in October 1967. Anybody searching for Bigfoot for a while will know about this one. The case in question here concerns a film made by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin. Both of them claim that this video shows a genuine Bigfoot sighting. Many experts have analyzed this Bigfoot video, all of whom can only say whether or not it is fake. This video alone is a large part of what thrust Bigfoot into the public consciousness.

One of this elusive beast’s most recent sightings occurred in September 2007. Once again, this concerns another Bigfoot video. This time was recorded by Rick Jacobs, who was on the search for deer to hunt. During the hunt, his camera triggered, which caught something. People claim this was a bear with severe mange; Bigfoot experts claim he saw the beast. Whether we will ever find out the true answer is anybody’s guess.

As I mentioned, some of these may be hoaxes, but what if they aren’t? What if something is wandering about the woodlands of North America? What if Bigfoot does exist?