Dr. Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist

https://www.ancient-origins.net/unexplained-phenomena/bigfoot-cryptozoology-conspiracy-0010179 “You’re talking about a Yeti, or Bigfoot, or Sasquatch… I’m SURE that they exist…British scientists have found… Yeti hair…They don’t match up with the DNA cells from (any) known animals .” Doctor Jane Goodall, Arguably the world’s most famous primatologist, on National Public Radio, September 27, 2002, world’s foremost

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https://www.bigfoot411.com/ A must see open-minded look at Bigfoot facts, evidence, images, videos, eyewitness accounts, and more.

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Bigfoot: Myth or Reality?

https://mythology.net/mythical-creatures/bigfoot/ An article exploring the historical origins of Bigfoot, how it was named, its possible relatives, sightings, other facts, and an exploration of Bigfoot as a myth

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For skeptics who believe firsthand accounts are all either cheesy or made up & images or video are fabricated, here are some common objections and answers to the possibility of Bigfoot’s existence.

Much like what happened with Covid 19, the experts who knew things didn’t add up were too afraid to say so because their careers were on the line. Only now that proof is showing that the vaccine promises were not genuine are medical experts getting the guts to speak up! Experts are afraid of being looked at as quacks and aren’t willing to put themselves out there.

There is so much unchartered land and such deep lush forests right here in the U.S. that have either barely been touched by man or even never yet discovered. Bigfoot are also known as the man of the woods. They are known to be master woodsmen and when it’s your survival at stake, if you didn’t want to be found in such deep and dense terrain, it wouldn’t be as difficult as you might think to never be found!

Bigfoot are known to be incredibly stealthy woodsmen. If they are in fact real, the last thing they want or need is for anyone to see them and possibly capture them. I would argue that this is also a prime reason why they’re so difficult to capture on film. They likely know you’re there way before you could even know. Things like tree knocking are more likely to be warnings to leave their territory. It could be that they have youngsters around and don’t want anyone harming them or their territory.


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