Creating the Right Conditions for Finding Sasquatch

Contrary to popular belief, if you go searching for Bigfoot, you aren’t necessarily going to find one of them. This is because these are traditionally elusive creatures. If you want to capture some evidence or even communicate with one, then you will need to conduct some research. This information won’t necessarily get you a firsthand encounter but will undoubtedly boost your chances.

Firstly, let’s discuss Bigfoot Calls. There are many of them, and you should find sufficient information online about the various ones. 

Many people who hear these calls in the forest have received authentic responses, which means you have a solid chance of receiving your response to your Bigfoot Calls. 

Can we guarantee you that it’s a Sasquatch answering you back? You never know if it’s the elusive beast himself or if it could be the response from another type of animal. Get out there and take a chance, but just be careful with your call. Using a call that’s overly aggressive may elicit a response that could be dangerous. We realize this is all in good fun, but we cannot discern whether specific calls are threatening or non-threatening to the creature. I suggest you not take that gamble.

We believe the non-threatening calls are “Whoops” and tree knocking, but screams and growls may be crossing the line. Please use caution when performing any Sasquatch call!

If you don’t feel you can effectively vocalize the sounds adequately, you can always carry out something known as “sound blasting.” This involves you grabbing the recording of some suspected Bigfoot Calls and playing them through a speaker system during your search for Bigfoot. 

Wood knocking elicits a response reasonably often. This means knocking a hefty branch or another piece of wood against a tree. While nobody has seen a Bigfoot knock wood against a tree, a lot of the time, this does get a response. 

This certainly means that we’re dealing with an intelligent creature. 

Many have reported that this attracts the animal to where they are, which can often result in a Bigfoot Sighting.

Many people have suggested that to attract a Bigfoot, you must strategically set some bait. The only problem is we need to know what they eat. Fruits, vegetables, and even meat such as deer have been proven to attract Bigfoot. One famous paranormal expert even attracted Bigfoot with baby food!

I suggest placing a variety of the foods mentioned above, and by doing this, you’ll increase your chances of luring the creature in. Oh yeah! Remember to set up that camera to capture any activity that comes about. 

If you search online, they sell pheromone chips, which allegedly attract Bigfoots. Many people have claimed that these chips work, but I need experience using them to be 100% sure. 

It certainly is worth trying out while trying to lure a Sasquatch to you. They aren’t too expensive, and if they can boost your chances of gathering evidence, then it is worth trying out.

Of course, this is just a brief overview of what you can do to create the right conditions for a Bigfoot sighting. 

As I mentioned at the start, Sasquatch is known for not being attention seekers, which means that they’re not easy to locate, but always remember that a “first time” is often preceded by “it could never happen.”

Don’t let someone else’s failure dictate your own. Be the first and set the new standard!