The Background

I always wanted to write a children's story about Bigfoot and as much as I wanted to be creative and offer a fictitious tale, I also wanted to stay true to some of the origins like the famous Patterson/Gimlin sighting from Bluff Creek. I found it magical to base the story on that one account, as I knew it would resonate with the parents who believe!

Bigfoot Doesn’t Believe In You Either! was written based on the actual events surrounding the famous 1960’s Bluff Creek footage captured by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, and takes us on a powerful adventure that will surely touch the hearts of anyone that has a heart for Bigfoot! Belief doesn’t always happen with those things we can set out eyes on. Belief is often a feeling based on our loyal instincts that even magical things truly do exist. It sometimes takes courage and hope to place all of our belief into something, but when we do it, it often opens up our lives to endless possibilities!

the story

Join Biggie, Mama Bigfoot (Pattie), and the crew of Bigfoot Doesn’t Believe In You Either! on a journey of excitement, adventure, bravery, and BELIEF! This beautifully illustrated, engaging and heartwarming tale will keep readers in constant suspense wondering what will happen next as Mama Pattie and Biggie uncover the secret that makes life good and worthwhile.

Biggie, a larger than life little Bigfoot, is eager to learn about the disappearance of his dad who suddenly vanished when Biggie was a youngster. Mama Pattie warns Biggie about the dangers of the world and pushes back when Biggie questions the existence of humans. “Humans cannot and do not exist!” says Pattie, who is desperate to keep her beloved Biggie safe from those who wish to harm him.

Biggie’s curiosity about his dad and his wonderment about the realities of life inspires Biggie to set off alone on a journey in the dense wilderness of California’s Bluff Creek region. Along the way, Biggie travels through uncharted land and comes across his forest family of other creatures, but it ends up putting Biggie in grave danger.

Biggie’s huge heart has him press on when he suddenly comes into contact with those who his mom said weren’t real! HUMANS! “Mama always told me to never believe in the existence of human beings. How can they be real?!, I’m not supposed to BELIEVE!”


James Villepigue is a certified personal trainer, acclaimed speaker, certified life empowerment coach, and an international best-selling author of 30+ books selling over 2 million copies.

After spending 30+ years of my life entrenched in the world of fitness helping people believe that transformation is possible with the right mindset and dedication, I decided that I wanted to spend the bulk of my time helping children discover deeper meaning and joy in life by protecting their childlike sense of wonder and innocent belief that anything is possible. It quickly led to a line of children’s empowerment books – Words To Lift By. Bigfoot Doesn’t Believe In You Either! is the third book in this series.

I’ve always been the “Believer” outcast among friends and family. I believe it gives people hope to search for possibilities. This life can be so mundane and routine, so it’s nice to break away into the magic of something else. This brand of books, apparel and more honors belief and turns others’ disbelief into a fun, memorable and adorable new Bigfoot brand that’s sure to be a conversation starter.


As a father of six, I obviously love kids and want to help not just my children, but all children, to enjoy life and learn to find the good – and the magic – in all things. I went through a very tough time as a kid; from being very afraid of the dark (and Bigfoot!), to being bullied, to dealing with anxiety and other struggles. It was rough.

Many of my books and other children’s products equip the next generation with the mindset needed to think critically and not just accept what others tell them as truth; to be bold, brave and adventurous, and to never stop believing in the limitless possibilities out there that make life fun, meaningful, and worthwhile. My hope is that kids will see both who they are and who they want to become through these stories to sculpt young minds into healthy, happy, impactful masterpieces.

James graduated as a certified life empowerment coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) with specializations in goal achievement and potential development processes. He’s especially adept at helping children identify & be confident in their strengths and find lasting motivation to overcome their struggles.

Learn more about his personal and professional experience here or reach out here for more information about certified life coaching for kids or families, motivational speaking engagements or book signings.

Kid's Korner


If Biggie were beside you, what would you say to him?! Say it here, give us ideas for future books or tell us how you'd change the story!


Words to Lift By is a collection of my favorite lines from each of my children's stories, like a preview of the best parts of the book!


Think you're a match for the Hide & Seek World Champ?! Grab the family or challenge your friends & see who can find Biggie hiding first!


Celebrate your little one’s bold, brave, smart, adventurous spirit with a Belief Badge to hang on the fridge or in their room!


Nurture the little artist or future illustrator in your kids! Then make them feel proud by uploading their artwork to share.


While my children’s books are written to be fun and engaging, I also love to empower the next generation be to bold, adventurous critical thinkers. Make the story even more meaningful to your child and have some sweet bonding time with these discussion questions.

1) Biggie’s bold, adventurous, curious nature put him in serious danger because he was determined to know the truth. How do you know when a risk is worth taking?

2) What did he gain from taking that risk by the end of the story? Was it worth it to him?

3) What makes life good and worthwhile to you?

4) Mama lied to Biggie about humans’ existence to try to protect him. How do you know if there’s ever a good reason to not be fully truthful about something?

5) When you really believe or even know that something is true, and someone insists you’re wrong, what can you do to really know or prove the truth? Or how do you know when it’s not worth saying anything else, and just silently accepting that you’re right and it’s okay if others don’t believe?

6) Mama always reassured Biggie that he could tell her anything, and it led to good talks about important things. Do you have adults in your life that you know you can tell anything to?

7) Do you believe in anything strongly enough to be bold and courageous about sharing or defending it?

8) How do you know what’s worth believing in?

9) Why do you think the little girl was the only one to believe the truth about Biggie?