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Famous Bigfoot Sightings

Over the years, there have been many Bigfoot Sightings around North America. Most of them are, of course, located in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, but a few other sightings are scattered around the country. Some have been proven hoaxes, whether through careful analysis of a Bigfoot video or just admission from the viewer. However, some are entirely unexplained to this day. I want to share some of the most famous Sasquatch sightings in this article. Let’s jump in, shall we? One of the most famous encounters with Sasquatch was by Albert Ostman, a Canadian Prospector. This encounter took place in 1924. What is strange about this encounter, however, is that Albert didn’t just see Bigfoot but was abducted by them for six days straight. Many people dismissed him as a madman, but until his death, Albert insisted this ...
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Creating the Right Conditions for Finding Sasquatch

Contrary to popular belief, if you go searching for Bigfoot, you aren’t necessarily going to find one of them. This is because these are traditionally elusive creatures. If you want to capture some evidence or even communicate with one, then you will need to conduct some research. This information won’t necessarily get you a firsthand encounter but will undoubtedly boost your chances. Firstly, let’s discuss Bigfoot Calls. There are many of them, and you should find sufficient information online about the various ones.  Many people who hear these calls in the forest have received authentic responses, which means you have a solid chance of receiving your response to your Bigfoot Calls.  Can we guarantee you that it’s a Sasquatch answering you back? You never know if it’s the elusive beast himself or if it could be the response from another ...
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Why People Are Still Searching for Bigfoot

If you ask any Bigfoot expert, they will tell you that one of the most common questions is, “Why are you still searching for Bigfoot when there is no proof it exists?”.  The answers they give certainly vary, but it is something along the lines of what I’ll discuss with you today.  First, there IS proof out there that Bigfoot exists. Almost every Sasquatch expert has had an experience of their own, whether it is hearing Bigfoot calls or even as far as full-fledged Bigfoot sightings. However, the latter is undoubtedly far rarer.  They hold this “proof” that keeps them going, knowing that if they try hard enough, they’ll eventually come through and find what they need to show the world that Bigfoot exists.  Sadly, however, some of the “evidence” out there is difficult to distinguish from the real thing, ...
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