Discover the good

When Biggie got home, Mom was upset. “What’d I tell you about running off to find humans?” She sat down and sighed. “You’re bold and adventurous like your father. I’m sure you saw that picture of me. Humans took that picture, but I didn’t know what they were doing or what that picture contraption was back then. I was afraid, so when I told your dad, he went off to find them.”

“And never came back,” said Biggie. “I know, Mom. But guess what? Humans saved me today. They’re not all bad! Most of the kids didn’t believe I was real, but one did. You see? Some of them believe the truth!”

Mom sat down and hugged her little bigfoot. “You’re a good son. I want you to be safe. Maybe most humans shouldn’t believe we’re real to keep us safe from them. But some with good hearts, like that little girl, will always see the truth.”

discover the fun of believing!

“Nothing is all good, or all bad. Our job is to try to always look for and choose or create the good, Biggie. I guess I got so afraid after your dad disappeared that I stopped believing that good even existed.”

“You can’t stop believing in good, mama! Believing in something makes life worth it. It makes life fun and it’s fun when we discover the good that’s out there.”

“You’re right, my son. If there were ever a time to believe, it’s here and now” said Mom with a big smile and a twinkle in her eye. “And boy, you wouldn’t believe all the fun your cousins have with the humans who truly believe, Biggie!

Why Believe?

Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. ~Voltaire

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