Sasquatch The Legend Sasquatch The Legend was founded in 2021 by owners Ken & Laurie Hamilton, who were inspired to open a Sasquatch-themed retail business after having a strange encounter while on vacation in the Duck River Mountain area of Alabama. (To read more about this encounter, click here.) Over a short time, Sasquatch The Legend has […]

What’s Yer Weird Story, Pt. 1, Episode 198

Episode 198 – “I Have a Passion for This” This week on the podcast our guest is Scott Tompkins, creator of the Bigfoot Mapping Project. Scott gives us the low down on the experiences he’s had that inspired the creation of the BMP. (And he’s eaten at El Charro Mexican Restaurant in our hometown, Kingfisher, […]

Bigfoot Superstore It was our vision to create a place where Bigfoot enthusiasts can find anything and everything “Bigfoot.” So we created this site where vendors from all over the country can add share their unique bigfoot merchandise and Bigfoot believers could find it all in one place. Whether you are looking for Bigfoot Books, Bigfoot T-shirts, […]

Area 52 TV is a full-service multimedia production company that specializes in creating high-quality, cost-effective video and multimedia solutions. We are also an online TV station, and we live-stream our content to bring our clients the most up-to-date, engaging multimedia experiences. Our services include video production, web development, 3D animation, graphic design, and multimedia marketing. […]

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Before Biggie went out to play, Mom said, “Now remember, don’t be afraid to explore. Go find what’s out there, my little bigfoot.”

Bigfoot and Me Store Hi, my name is Lori Wade and I LOVE all things Bigfoot. I am a BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization) Investigator and I have been a researcher for years and finally wanted to see a different kind of Sasquatch product rather than the caricature style stuffed animals you often see. Each one is created individually […]

L and N Designs

Custom goods packed with unique personality are our specialty! Customized Bigfoot items, shirts, resin artwork, and more! 727-998-1550

Vazy Productions We are a full service production company located in Lowell, MA. We service all of New England and provide concert-to-screen video services to meet the best needs of our clients for online, television and other media formats of all sizes and all budgets. Our team of experience professionals has experience in video production, post-production, […]

Sasquatch Chronicles

Sasquatch Chronicles acts as a safe-haven for witnesses to share their encounters. The show debuted in 2013 on the premise that the existing Bigfoot community was primarily focused on the research and opinion of “experts” while overlooking the value of giving witnesses a voice in the discussion. It is now regarded as the first and most […]

Studio Julie Photography and Professional photography and videography services, including documentaries, based in Key West, FL. We also sell custom Bigfoot merchandise.


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