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SquatchIt.com was created to Inform, Discuss, Explore, and to Entertain. The awesome mysteries in this world are exciting and give each person a chance to go on a discovery into the unknown. To me, it’s refreshing, even magical, to be a part of something so mysterious.

James Villepigue is best known for his work as an international best-selling author of 30+ books selling over 2 million copies, including one of the most successful fitness book series in history – The Body Sculpting Bibles. He’s also a certified personal trainer, acclaimed speaker, and certified life empowerment coach.

After spending 30+ years of my life entrenched in the world of fitness helping people believe that transformation is possible with the right mindset and dedication, I decided that I wanted to spend the bulk of my time helping children discover deeper meaning and joy in life by protecting their childlike sense of wonder and innocent belief that anything is possible. It quickly led to a line of children’s empowerment books – Words To Lift By. Bigfoot Doesn’t Believe In You Either! is the third book in this series.

I’ve always been the “Believer” outcast among friends and family. I believe it gives people hope to search for possibilities. This life can be so mundane and routine, so it’s nice to break away into the magic of something else. This brand of books, apparel and more honors belief and turns others’ disbelief into a fun, memorable and adorable new Bigfoot brand that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

As a father of six, I obviously love kids and want to help not just my children, but all children, to enjoy life and learn to find the good – and the magic – in all things. I went through a very tough time as a kid; from being very afraid of the dark (and Bigfoot!), to being bullied, to dealing with anxiety and other struggles. It was rough.

I’ve spent the last 20+ years working on solution-oriented children’s health and development projects that aim to help children become their very best. Many of my books and other children’s products equip the next generation with the mindset needed to think critically and not just accept what others tell them as truth; to be bold, brave and adventurous, and to never stop believing in the limitless possibilities out there that make life fun, meaningful, and worthwhile.

My hope is that kids will see both who they are and who they want to become through these stories to sculpt young minds into healthy, happy, impactful masterpieces.



  • My dad got me into Bigfoot when he made up a crazy story about some character named “Indian Joe” who lived in a place called “Anthony’s Nose,” a mountainous cave in the great Northwest. He scared the snot out of me with his stories, but they were both shocking and engaging.

    We would watch a show with Leonard Nemoy called “In Search Of,” and the main show in that series was all about Sasquatch. I also grew up watching Six Million Dollar Man, and there were episodes of him versus Sasquatch that kept me glued to the television. Later on in childhood, I often had nightmares of a Bigfoot clan living outside my bedroom window, and the Dad Bigfoot would try to lure me outside to kill me!

    Bigfoot has been a major part of my life since I was a young child, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more curious about the possibility that Sasquatch is real, and that’s magical! Imagine there is a humungous bipedal creature lurking in the deep woods. The thought just lights me up, and I hope that others can imagine the magic in the big man.

    My dad meant the world to me, and I miss him very much. He’s the main reason that I love Bigfoot so much!

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  • The Full Story

    You may recall back in 2008, when two guys from Georgia, including a sheriff deputy, attempted to pull off a hoax using a gorilla suit, an array of rotting animal guts, and a cooler. They claimed that they found the corpse of a bigfoot in the woods, they popped him in a cooler with the guts and froze the alleged body of a bigfoot…somewhere in their twisted minds, they decided that they’d somehow become rich and famous off of this insanely stupid stunt.

    Anyway, my good friend and fellow Falcon Project volunteer knew just how passionate I was about Sasquatch and he actually sourced out and purchased the same exact costume that the Georgia guys used for their prank. I loved the suit, but the head looked ridiculously cartoon-like. So, I decided that I wasn’t satisfied with the costume or at least with its head, so I found an incredibly talented Hollywood makeup artist and I contracted him to give my sidekick a full head and face makeover. This guy was also a bigfoot enthusiast and we decided that he’d take a stab at creating a head and face based on the famous Patterson-Gimlin film footage. 

    To explain why I’m assisting my friends, Dr. Jeff Meldrum and William Barnes, with what will undoubtedly be the most exciting Bigfoot expedition ever conducted, the Falcon Project / Bigfoot Blimp, I’ll explain how I first became interested in Bigfoot. 

    It was December 6, 1972, I was only one, but I can actually recall how excited my dad was about the release of one of the greatest bigfoot movies of all time, “The Legend Of Boggy Creek.” I grew up watching that movie and my dad and I watched anything that had to do with Sasquatch. From “In Search Of” with Leonard Nimoy to “The Six Million Dollar Man” when Steve Austin was forced to take on the massive and outright evil beast, played by the one and only Andre The Giant. I loved this stuff, but late at night, when the nightmares started, it was anything but enjoyable.

    When I was about ten years old, my dad built a summer home for us in Pennsylvania. The house was set way back in the woods and we were alone. There wasn’t another home for miles and we were surrounded by the deep forest. During the summer, my mom, sister and I would stay the week alone while my dad worked back in Manhattan. Sure, we had our share of black bear, rattlesnakes and even wolves, but nothing could prepare me for the day when I decided to lightheartedly ask my dad’s friend, Butch Taxter (a local avid hunter) if he knew anything about Bigfoot. I honestly expected him to say no and I certainly didn’t want to hear about any firsthand accounts he may have had in our area.

    The next moment changed my life forever – it was what Butch responded with: He said, “I don’t know if you’re being serious, but we had a major sighting about 10 miles from here 20 years ago!” I immediately dismissed his statement and started laughing, hoping that he’d start laughing with me, which would have been the comic relief that I was so desperately hoping for at that moment.

    Not only did he not laugh, but he then proceeded to go into great detail about the encounter. It involved the local butcher, who pulled into his back lot early in the morning one Winter. There was a good amount of snow on the ground and it was cold. As the butcher pulled in, he was startled when he saw a huge hairy creature standing on two legs, pulling garbage out of his dumpster.

    This guy also happened to be a local hunter and knew immediately that this was not a bear or any known animal species. The creature glanced over at him and then ran off into the woods. The butcher heard his own stories of Sasquatch, but had never seen one firsthand. He immediately called the police and within an hour, they together assembled a team of 40 hunters to track down the beast. They had plenty of footprints because of the snow and they traveled for many hours following the tracks. Many miles in, the tracks eventually vanished and they gave up the hunt.

    Well, as scared as I was and as much as I hated to believe his story, he challenged me to go to the local library to see proof of the story for myself. I prayed that he was just pulling a great joke on me. I felt a lot of anger for Butch Taxter! Why couldn’t he have just kept his mouth shut? But, hey, I asked for it, didn’t I? Yep!

    Well, let’s just say that from that point on, my summers were never the same. I was a young kid and I grew up pretty quickly out of fear of the unknown. I’ll tell you, I was certainly grateful to my dad who trusted me enough to own my own firearms, and so, I did at least feel like I could protect my mom and sister if I ever needed to. Other than some unexplained noises from the woods and an incident that I believe was my own firsthand encounter (a story for another time), we never had a problem with Bigfoot.

    Many of the encounters that people claim to have had are often either non-eventful, where the creature passes them by or their stories are just outright ridiculous, with claims of Bigfoot chasing them, out to get them. People, if Bigfoot wanted to “get you,” Bigfoot would have had you. LOL

    People often mistake being chased away for being chased as prey. I don’t believe these purported stories to be accurate and simply think that when someone is faced with that which they are not familiar with, fear takes over and the mind can absolutely play tricks on us.

    So, that’s where my experience of Sasquatch originated. Here I am now at age 52 and I’ve never stopped believing and I’ve never let up, no matter what anyone thought about my belief in Bigfoot.

    I am proud and honored to have worked with Dr. Jeff Meldrum and William Barnes to help finally prove the existence of a huge and hairy, bipedal humanoid creature we’ve all come to know as Bigfoot. All I can say is, “Watch and See!”


The creation of SquatchIt began when I was watching a show called Duck Dynasty. They made their fortune selling duck calls, and I came to realize that no one had ever created a Bigfoot call. I wanted to be the first, and I was.  My first thought was to develop a call that could potentially attract a real Sasquatch. It soon became even more than that. The possibilities from luring a Bigfoot, scaring friends to becoming the next big novelty noise maker phenomenon. So, after a lot of research and development, as well as access to some seriously secret Sasquatch research, I developed a prototype of SquatchIt.

Around the time that I started getting serious about Bigfoot with contributions to the Bigfoot Blimp / Falcon Project (see more below), I was also watching several Bigfoot shows and saw the patterns that revolved around the creature’s vocalizations. This is when I decided to make the SquatchIt prototype sketch, which is the first visual representation of the SquatchIt device.


This is when I began researching predator call companies. I found one that I really liked, and my first interaction with the company was rather funny. I first sent an email asking if they could assist with a call project and quickly jumped on the phone. I explained precisely what I was looking to accomplish and long story short, the person absolutely thought I had lost my mind!  They said, “James, Ordinarily, if someone calls me with such an outrageous idea like yours; a Sasquatch Call, I would have instantly hung up in their ear…I’m not sure what’s kept me on the line thus far, but you have my ear and my interest.”   Together, we went back and fourth discussing the concept and sent them as much as I could find related to Sasquatch vocalizations, including some radical audio files.  Around that time, they told me that they had been playing the audio vocalizations on their computer speakers and became concerned that his employees would wonder about what the heck he was going on in their offices! LOL   Over the next year, we worked on developing just the right sound that would emanate out of our SquatchIt call device, and finally ended up engineering just the right sound!   I then made two prototypes of the SquatchIt, started testing them out, and quickly realized that everyone that saw and heard it, wanted one!


Our involvement in the Bigfoot world began in August 2012 when we volunteered to assist Dr. Jeff Meldrum and William Barnes by spreading the word about their Falcon Project initiative to build a high-tech airship to search for Bigfoot.

We started BigFootBlimp.com, an informative site, to promote the Falcon Project online and raise awareness for this exciting initiative. The Falcon Project featured a “dual airship with a catamaran style of design that provides a stable platform upon which the developers would house high-end thermal imaging equipment as well as high definition videography to be able to literally peer down through this dense canopy of the forest that provides cover for these animals and identify heat signatures there and hopefully track them and observe their behaviour in the wild.”

The development of the “blimp” unfortunately never came to fruition due to lack of funding. Still, it was a very exciting endeavor to be involved with!



Join Biggie, Mama Bigfoot (Pattie), and the crew of Bigfoot Doesn’t Believe In You Either! on a journey of excitement, adventure, bravery, and BELIEF! This beautifully illustrated, engaging and heartwarming tale will keep readers in constant suspense wondering what will happen next as Mama Pattie and Biggie uncover the secret that makes life good and worthwhile.

Biggie, a larger than life little Bigfoot, is eager to learn about the disappearance of his dad who suddenly vanished when Biggie was a youngster. Mama Pattie warns Biggie about the dangers of the world and pushes back when Biggie questions the existence of humans. “Humans cannot and do not exist!” says Pattie, who is desperate to keep her beloved Biggie safe from those who wish to harm him.

Biggie’s curiosity about his dad and his wonderment about the realities of life inspires Biggie to set off alone on a journey in the dense wilderness of California’s Bluff Creek region. Along the way, Biggie travels through uncharted land and comes across his forest family of other creatures, but it ends up putting Biggie in grave danger.

Biggie’s huge heart has him press on when he suddenly comes into contact with those who his mom said weren’t real! HUMANS! “Mama always told me to never believe in the existence of human beings. How can they be real?!, I’m not supposed to BELIEVE!”


I believe because there are way too many people who have had encounters and I cannot believe that they are all lying. Sure, there are quacks out there, but there are also very credible professionals who know what they saw and I just love believing! I love the magic in the mystery. That anything is possible and that there is likely much more going on than we really know. I love knowing that the forest is so huge that an unidentified primate is hiding, surviving, and thriving!