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How has Bigfoot Gone Unnoticed for So Long?

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One of the most talked about “Legendary Species” in North America is without a doubt the creature known as Bigfoot. Whilst there have been many claimed Sasquatch Sightings, there has been no real hard evidence that the monster actually exists apart from a Bigfoot video here and there.


But let’s be honest, these can be faked rather easily. One of the most common questions asked by those who go out searching for Bigfoot is “how has this beast been evasive for so long?” Let’s take a little look.


Firstly, contrary to popular belief, there is actually more than one Bigfoot out there, which makes it even more surprising that the animal has gone undiscovered for so long.


Nobody actually knows how many Bigfoots are actually out there, but since there have been sightings all over North America, it is likely than their numbers total many hundreds, albeit spread out over large distances.


As we know next to nothing about the animal, it is unknown how large the average family unit is, but from hearing Bigfoot calls in the forest it is known that many are able to communicate with one another, and these certainly aren’t a solitary animal.


So why do we have very little evidence about their existence? Well firstly, generally speaking, they tend to be located deep within forest regions, likely staying higher up in the mountains.


Very few people venture to these areas, unless they are searching for Bigfoot of course. As very few people are out there searching for long periods of time, there is a lot of land which is completely uncovered, and that of course means that the Sasquatch may inhabit locations that humans never visit.


It seems that the Sasquatch tend to avoid human contact, and as a result tend to move out of their way. Sasquatch videos we have seen show that they move on quite rapidly when they are encountered.


However, there have been some cases relating to genuine human contact (i.e. abductions or even violence), although to be honest, these are few and far between and there is no real evidence that this happens.


Whilst Sasquatch Sightings are infrequent, experts still find small pieces of evidence that a beast could be on the prowl within the forests. This of course includes footprints from unidentified animals, and some photographs and videos, although sadly these do tend to be very grainy shots.


So in short, the main reason why there is no hard evidence out there is the fact that they like to stay out of the way of humans, and the only way in which you are really going to be able to locate one is if you go out there searching…let’s be honest, there are very few people out there who actually go searching for Sasquatch. Are you one of the few or perhaps considering going on an expedition?


Of course, since we know very little about the species, Bigfoot may turn out to be mythical…on the other hand, we, the people, who think we know everything, would stand quite corrected when genuine evidence comes to the table.


Speaking for us, we believe and that’s pretty cool!

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