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Squatchit Featured in New Movie Nigel and Oscar vs. The Sasquatch

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Squatchit is featured in director Drew Hall’s Nigel and Oscar vs the Sasquatch.  The film is getting rave reviews and features an all-star cast.  Watch for the scene.. “It’s my sasquatch caller”!  SQUATCHIT IS BACK in 2016.

Time to Squatch the World!

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Kickstarter goes live today at 3:00 PM CST!

If you have a website or blog please help use get the word out and add one of our banners (get them here) to your site linking to the home page at  Once kickstarter goes live we will be directing all the traffic to the Kickstarter page!  We will also place a description of your site and a link on our SquatchIt Sponsors page.


What You Need when You are Searching for Bigfoot

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Every single day, thousands of people view online Bigfoot videos and can’t help but think to themselves, “what if it actually exists?”


Most people leave curiosity at the door, but there are actually plenty of more thrill-seeking folks out there, maybe even you, who have a real thirst for adventure. These are the kind of people who want to go out and really search for Sasquatch. They’re hoping to come back with the type of evidence that cannot be dismissed.


Of course, you can’t just head out as a minimalist. You need to be at least a little bit prepared. In this article I want to run you through some of the main things that you’ll need to consider bringing along for the expedition.

I won’t go very far in depth, but this should be more than enough to point you in the right direction!


Firstly, if you are going out searching for Bigfoot, then you are going to need something to record the evidence with.


This means making sure that you are well equipped with things like recording devices.


Searching for Bigfoot can of course be done on a budget, but if you are looking to capture irrefutable evidence of the creature, then you absolutely need to perhaps break the budget and get some worthy tracking equipment.


This means purchasing a couple of good video cameras, some still cameras and some audio recording equipment. It may even be worth learning how to set up your video cameras to take automatic shots if triggered by motion. Some of the best “captures” have been done this way. However, as I said, if you’re strapped, you can still get by with some basic recording equipment…just be aware that cheap equipment often leads to poor results; inaudible recordings, grainy footage, etc. After all, there is many a Bigfoot video out there which has been dismissed as a hoax simply because it is poor quality.


You are also going to need to pack a substantial amount of other equipment. Remember, Sasquatch is notorious for staying out of sight from humans, and thus you should expect to travel a good distance into the forest where most people just wouldn’t go.


A “day trip” will likely not do it for you. Expect to stay out there for a couple of nights if you want to stand a stronger chance of coming back with something of value.

Obviously camping equipment is a necessity.


Here’s a delicate point: There are some people who claim to have had encountered Bigfoot and say that there were signs of aggression. As much as I hate to say it, if you can, take a weapon. Here’s the deal, Sasquatch is not the only kind of creature that can possibly bring harm to you. Getting close to a bear that has its cubs has been said to result in a fatal encounter. In a nutshell, better safe than sorry!


Finally, before you haphazardly just head out in search of Sasquatch, you should consider doing your due diligence and conduct a bit of research. This means looking into the area where you are going to be heading and finding the exact areas where the Bigfoot have been sighted.


Places where sightings are frequent are likely to be the best places to visit. In addition to that, search for best practices for luring the creature in. One thing that really helped me, was listening to many Sasquatch calls or vocalizations online.


These sounds come from an unknown origin, and many people actually claim that it is Bigfoot making the sounds and possibly communicating with each other or perhaps it’s a warning for us to stay away! At the end of the day, there can be a lot of benefit in listening to these Bigfoot calls.


Now, I cannot guarantee that following my advice will lead you to Sasquatch, but this is a great start. After all, thousands of people have attempted to find Bigfoot, and most have failed. However, if this species is out there, then somebody will eventually find that piece of undeniable evidence.


Who’s to say that person won’t be you? Remember, if you are heading out searching for Bigfoot, be smart and stay safe!



Why People are Still Searching for Sasquatch

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If you ask any Bigfoot expert, they will tell you that one of the most common questions they get asked is something along the lines of ‘Why are you still searching for Bigfoot when there is no proof it exists?’.


The answers that they do give certainly vary, but it is something along the lines of what I plan on discussing with you today.


Firstly, there is proof out there that Bigfoot exists. In fact, almost every Sasquatch expert out there has had an experience of their own, whether it is hearing Bigfoot Calls, or even going so far as fully-fledged Bigfoot sightings, although the second one is certainly far rarer.


It is this ‘proof’ that they hold which keeps them going, knowing that if they try hard enough they will eventually come through and find exactly what they need to show the world that Bigfoot actually exists.


Sadly however, some of the ‘evidence’ out there is difficult to distinguish from the real thing, but this is something I will cover later on.


There are many people out there that belittle the people out searching because they believe that Bigfoot doesn’t actually exist, mainly because there isn’t enough proof, or because they haven’t seen the proof for themselves.


If you are one of these people, then you really should consider changing your whole belief system. You need to remember that there are plenty of known species that exist today, that not too long ago were thought to either be extinct or even non-existent! Why, you ask? It’s because there was no tangible ‘proof’. The Giant Squid is a perfect example! However, people who knew better, never gave up their search, and that certainly paid off. Now we know the giant squid exists. It may not be as big as we thought, but it certainly exists out there in the oceans.

Remember, this planet is huge, and just because you cannot see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. This is the whole belief that Sasquatch Hunters are trying to cling on to. After all, there have been so many sightings and audible sounds recorded over the years, there is a great chance that we will soon find our proof.


One of the biggest problems that the Sasquatch hunters out there are finding at the moment is the fact that many people are trying to create hoaxes, whether to generate a bit of money or some fame. This has made the whole industry seem nothing more than a joke, which is a great shame. However, as I mentioned before, those that are out there hunting every single day know that he exists, and no hoax Bigfoot video is going to stand in their way of finding out the truth.


Next time you are considering why people are actually out there searching for Bigfoot every single day, why not stop and think to yourself, maybe this thing does actually exist? Maybe that last Bigfoot video you watched is actually real? Or maybe that sound that echoes through the woods is them communicating with one another. Suspend everything that you currently believe in. Remember, just because you cannot see something, doesn’t mean that it can’t exist right?






Famous Bigfoot Sightings

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Over the years, there have been a number of Bigfoot Sightings around North America. The majority of them are of course located in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, but there are a few other sightings scattered around the country. Some of them have been proven to be hoaxes, whether through careful analysis of a Bigfoot video or just admission from the ‘viewer’. However, some are completely unexplained to this day. In this article I want to share with you what I feel are some of the most famous of Sasquatch Sightings. Let’s jump in shall we?


Probably one of the most famous encounters with Sasquatch was by Albert Ostman, a Canadian Prospector. This encounter took place in 1924. What is strange about this encounter however was the fact that Albert didn’t just see Bigfoot, but he was actually abducted by them, for six days straight. Many people dismissed him as a mad man, but right up until his death, Albert insisted this actually happened. He even went so far to sign under oath to say it actually happened.


There is another encounter with Sasquatch, which took place in 1924, albeit not as popular as the latter. This Sasquatch encounter involved a group of miners. Late at night they claimed to hear Bigfoot Calls echo outside. On going out to investigate they saw a bunch of what appeared to be ‘apes’ throwing rocks at their cabin. As you can probably guess, they ran off pretty quickly. Not without killing at least one of them of course. This is one of the Sasquatch Sightings that remains a mystery to this very day. Rumors have been spread concerning a place known as “Ape Canyon”, in the state of Washington, which claim this is nothing more than a local legend. But nothing has yet explained the mysterious large footprints that have appeared in the area.


Perhaps the most famous of Sasquatch Sightings took place in October 1967. Anybody who has been searching for Bigfoot for a while will know about this one. The case in question here concerns a film made by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin. Both of them claim that this video shows a genuine Bigfoot Sighting. Many experts have analyzed this Bigfoot Video, none of whom can say whether it is fake or not. This, I believe is one of the main reasons as to why people are searching for the elusive creature in this day and age. It certainly is what thrust Bigfoot into the public consciousness.


One of the most recent sightings of this elusive beast took place in September 2007. Once again, this concerns another Bigfoot video. This time recorded by Rick Jacobs who was on the search for deer to hunt. During the hunt his camera triggered which caught…something. People claim this was a bear with severe mange, Bigfoot experts claim he caught the beast. Whether we will ever find out the true answer is anybody’s guess.


As I mentioned at the start, some of these may be hoaxes, but what if they aren’t? What if there really is something wandering about the woodlands of North America? What if Bigfoot really does exist?


How has Bigfoot Gone Unnoticed for So Long?

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One of the most talked about “Legendary Species” in North America is without a doubt the creature known as Bigfoot. Whilst there have been many claimed Sasquatch Sightings, there has been no real hard evidence that the monster actually exists apart from a Bigfoot video here and there.


But let’s be honest, these can be faked rather easily. One of the most common questions asked by those who go out searching for Bigfoot is “how has this beast been evasive for so long?” Let’s take a little look.


Firstly, contrary to popular belief, there is actually more than one Bigfoot out there, which makes it even more surprising that the animal has gone undiscovered for so long.


Nobody actually knows how many Bigfoots are actually out there, but since there have been sightings all over North America, it is likely than their numbers total many hundreds, albeit spread out over large distances.


As we know next to nothing about the animal, it is unknown how large the average family unit is, but from hearing Bigfoot calls in the forest it is known that many are able to communicate with one another, and these certainly aren’t a solitary animal.


So why do we have very little evidence about their existence? Well firstly, generally speaking, they tend to be located deep within forest regions, likely staying higher up in the mountains.


Very few people venture to these areas, unless they are searching for Bigfoot of course. As very few people are out there searching for long periods of time, there is a lot of land which is completely uncovered, and that of course means that the Sasquatch may inhabit locations that humans never visit.


It seems that the Sasquatch tend to avoid human contact, and as a result tend to move out of their way. Sasquatch videos we have seen show that they move on quite rapidly when they are encountered.


However, there have been some cases relating to genuine human contact (i.e. abductions or even violence), although to be honest, these are few and far between and there is no real evidence that this happens.


Whilst Sasquatch Sightings are infrequent, experts still find small pieces of evidence that a beast could be on the prowl within the forests. This of course includes footprints from unidentified animals, and some photographs and videos, although sadly these do tend to be very grainy shots.


So in short, the main reason why there is no hard evidence out there is the fact that they like to stay out of the way of humans, and the only way in which you are really going to be able to locate one is if you go out there searching…let’s be honest, there are very few people out there who actually go searching for Sasquatch. Are you one of the few or perhaps considering going on an expedition?


Of course, since we know very little about the species, Bigfoot may turn out to be mythical…on the other hand, we, the people, who think we know everything, would stand quite corrected when genuine evidence comes to the table.


Speaking for us, we believe and that’s pretty cool!